Are Peloton Shoes True to Size?

Are Peloton Shoes True to Size

Do Peloton shoes run true to size? When it comes to choosing a pair of shoes for spinning, Peloton is the best option that you can make. If you like to exercise or spin often, you probably already know the importance of wearing a pair of perfect shoes for your sports activity. They should be comfortable, padded, and breathable.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, shoes play an important role in exercise performance. Choosing the right shoes for spinning and cycling can bring about positive changes in achieving your fitness goals.

The peloton shoes are true to size, mainly because of the amount of support present in them. The padding is also equally distributed throughout the shoe, making it comfortable for all feet.

How to Tell If Your Peloton Shoes are True to Size?

It is very important to check the fit of shoes before you buy. If it doesn’t, it will cause blisters and other troubles. Here are some pointers that can help you check the fit of your shoes.


The length of your shoe is very important. Shoes that are too long or too short will cause pain and blisters on your heel, toes, and the balls of your feet. While buying them, make sure that they are neither too short nor too long.

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The width of the shoe is equally important when buying a pair of shoes for exercise. The peloton shoes have a narrow and medium width option available. You can select the one that works best for your feet. When buying them, make sure that you try them on and walk around in them a bit to see if they fit right. While at it, note how well your feet move inside them and whether your high arch is comfortable or hurting.


It is essential that you feel comfortable in your shoes. You can judge this through the toe box. The shoe should not be tight on the toes and should give ample room for them to wiggle freely. You can also check whether your heel slips up and down while you sprint. This will provide you with an indication that the heel fits perfectly and does not move around.


It is important to look at the materials that have been used for making the shoes. The upper part should be breathable and allow your foot to breathe easily while working out. This keeps your feet refreshed and sweat-free, which is important for wearing them for a longer time.


It would help if you considered how you would be using them. If they are to be used for professional purposes, you should go for high-end options that will last long and serve the purpose well. If it is going to be used only on a casual basis, you can go for any cycling shoe available in the market.


The fit is the most important aspect. Remember that if your shoes are uncomfortable, you will not be able to pedal well, affecting your performance. The peloton cycling shoes are true to size, making them perfect for people who want the best solution while exercising.

Peloton Shoe Sizing Chart

If you have a wide foot, it is essential to check the fit of your shoes before buying them. It will prevent unnecessary pain and blisters. Here is a chart that can help you with the sizing of Peloton shoes.

Men’s ShoesWomen’s Shoes
40= Men’s size 736= Women’s size 5
41= Men’s size 837= Women’s size 6
42= Men’s size 938= Women’s size 7
43= Men’s size 1039= Women’s size 8
44= Men’s size 10.540= Women’s size 9
45= Men’s size 1131= Women’s size 10
45= Men’s size 1242= Women’s size 11

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I go up or down a size for peloton shoes?

It depends on your foot size. If you have wider feet, you need to go bigger in the toe box and width of your shoes. However, if they are a bit tight over the toes, try them to see how well they fit.

Q. Do cycling shoes fit true to size?

The shoes will fit as per the measurements that you put in. However, please choose the size exclusively for cycling since it is important for swift movement on your bike.

Q. What can I do if my bike shoes are too big?

If your bike shoes are too big, you can put in additional gel pads where the ball of your foot and heel contact. This will give the perfect fit so that they stay firmly in your pedals while cycling.

Q .Can I use my running or hiking boots on my Peloton bike?

Yes, you can use your shoes for a Peloton bike workout. But remember to wear cycling socks over the boots.

Q. Should Peloton Shoes Be Tight?

No, these shoes need not be tight. But if you have wide feet, a little bit of room will not harm your safety as well. It provides extra cushioning that is essential for long sessions on the bike.

Q. What do Peloton Bike Shoes feel like?

The boots provide enhanced comfort so that your legs and back get less strain during workouts. They also offer maximum protection from spills when riding or cycling with your bike.

Final Words

Choosing the right shoes for spinning and cycling can bring about positive changes in achieving your fitness goals. If you are looking for the right set of shoes, always remember to try them on before you buy them, and if possible, go for a trial before you purchase them.

It is essential to make sure that your shoes fit perfectly. Choosing the right size is always recommended to increase performance, avoid pain and blisters, and ensure comfort. Remember to check whether your feet move within the shoe and how well they bend while working out.

So, the Peloton shoes are true to size. You can get them in different widths, and they have a unique feature where you can adjust the tightness based on your foot size.

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