Best Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting

With regards to athletics the appropriate equipment can certainly create big difference. In bike riding,your buttocks is among the only a few contact points with the bike so it is essential for it to be in a perfect setting, especially if you are contesting in a race.

Motorcycle overpant for commuting

Just imagine riding a bike in an uncomfortable pair of overpants which are way too tight and too loose in all the wrong areas, does that sound good? What is meant to be a refreshing hobby turns into a painstaking task.

The main problem is not in riding a bike but in the way you are dressed! And the right pair of overpants can deal with this right up!

Almost all the models are built with durable textile and leather-based material. Therefore, in the instances of the regrettable meetings with asphalts, they are able to provide outstanding protection to your legs. In addition, since they are purposefully-built for riding, they also are loaded with a number of other features to enable you to drive easier.

Therefore, are you searching for some of the preferred models? Below are a few of the choices that can be suitable for you.

Best Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting 2021

HWK Dualsport

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose bike riding overpant, then think about first checking this HWK DualSport Motorcross over pants. An extremely popular and long-lasting motorbike pant.

The stuff that excites most people its manufacturer’s warranty, the maker gives a lifetime warranty for this pant. If something goes unexpected get in touch with the customer service they will take care of the rest.

This pant is made from 600D Cordura textile which is actually a extremely long-lasting material for pants. Other than riding, these pants can be utilized as cargo, work, or strategic pants too.

Let’s discuss how good this pant safeguards the user. The knee as well as the Hip area of this pant are nicely padded with 1000D polyester. Additionally, it is Cordura stitched on the areas which are exposed to effect so that it can tolerate heavy abuse.

Basically discuss comfort and ease, this particular motorcycle over pant provides that as well. It includes a fine mesh coating which keeps the pant breathable and waterproof also. Not just that, it comes with 2 air vents as well that maintains the inside well aired in summer time.

So as to make sure that everyone on the streets notices the presence of the user, this pant comes along with 5H Scotchlite reflective piping and silver-white body thread.

Whenever we talk about well-fitting, the pant comes with a sensible 3-way Velcro strap on ankles, knees, as well as waistline. Offers 4 decent-sized pouches and zippers are long-lasting as well.

  • 600d Cordura textile
  • Protective case armored(removable)
  • Waterproof & Windproof
  • Hi-visibility
  • Multi-purpose pant.
  • Adjustable
  • Life Time Warranty
  • Comes with ventilation ports but still the inside is hot.

Joe Rocket 1518-3004 Phoenix Jon

In case you lookup extensively in the market, you will subsequently be able to find out a lot of high-end product’s. However, with regards to breathability, Non of them will be able to overcome the Joe Rocket 1518-3004, Phoenix Jon.

As opposed to other motorcycle pants available in the market, this specific model from Joe Rocket features Cooling FreeAir mesh layer. Therefore, even when you are driving on the hottest conditions, it will undoubtedly maintain your leg fresh and sweat-free.

To design its product, Joe Rocket has utilized high-end and thicker materials. Hence, if you are using them cautiously, chances are they will last for a long time. However, because being very compact, it doesn’t dry up that very quickly.

Another wonderful point is that they typically do not slip on your bike’s seat. Furthermore, they also do not feel heavy at all. Therefore, even though you put them on for a long period, you would not feel uncomfortable in any way.

Just like most of the Joe Rocket leather models, this particular one, too, comes along with a few outstanding protective features. Among these, the DYNAX seat and hip replacement and C.E. Rated knee guards are among the most mentionable names. Additionally, with the FullFlex enlargement panels and sturdy zippers, it can give a comfortable fit to everyone.

On the other hand, before choosing it, it’s also advisable to keep in mind that this is not waterproof or windproof. Therefore, in case you are considering putting them on in the rainy season or winter, chances are they would not really be a great choice for you.

  • Available In a wide variety of sizes 
  • It features the C.E. rated knee protectors
  • The DUNAX seat and heap replacements 
  • Made with melt-resistant material.
  • Made with Cooling FreeAir mesh shell
  • Quite expensive. 
  • Not waterproof or windproof.


Whenever discussing about a motorcycle touring pants on the market, the very first name that comes up is WICKED STOCK. The covering is made of abrasion-resistant material. Hence, by using it, you don’t have to bother about your legs getting hurt and harmed in any way.

In addition, it comes with a internal fine mesh coating. So, they will certainly keep your feet and legs cool and fresh even if you’re riding your bike in a very warm/hot location. To really make it simpler, WICKED STOCK has also integrated 2 hip foam pads along with it.

These two pads have been input into textile pouches. So, if they ever get broken, you’ll be able to replace them with brand new ones easily. If you want to, then you can also alter the hip pad pouches according to your needs with the two-step fastener.

You will find 2 vents available on the thighs, that will help in increasing its overall breathability to some degree. Additionally, it features echoing materials to provide suitable night time visibility.

  • Offer proper nighttime visibility
  • Durable and offer optimum protection
  • Flexible waist panels and waist belts
  • Made with melt-resistant material.
  • Made with Cooling FreshAir mesh shell
  • Expensive. 
  • Not waterproof or windproof.

Xelement B7440 Men’s Black

If you are a person who don’t like long rides for commuting ,then Xelement B7440 Mens’s leather overpant can be a good selection for them.

Well, this specific overpant isn’t an extremely protective one. Just like the earlier overpant, this one doesn’t consist of paddings on the seating space and knee. It’s totally plain and that is certainly why I am recommending this overpant to people who ride slow and don’t do long rides.

The pant is made up of high quality grade Cowhide leather, the leather is actually thick. It is a extremely sturdy leather that would last for a long time with appropriate maintenance. Putting on and off is quite simple, no trouble at all, because of the side zipper and snap closing button.

  • Highly long-lasting.
  • Is available in various sizes.
  • Looks really good.
  • Top-notch zipper and button closure.
  • Two slide zipper pockets.
  • Comfortable.
  • Not padded for max protection.

Dualsport Motocross Overpants

When you’re purchasing some thing it’s better to take advantage out of it. A set of overpants doesn’t have to be for commuting alone but multi-purpose for every type of adventurous type or physical activities. Dualsport has taken care to style and design a pair that is certainly hard and flexible to all circumstances you throw at it. Totally water-resistant, you possibly can modify by taking out the reinforcement pads from wherever you wish per your necessity and alter its size to fit you properly.

The pants are also designed with 4 pockets which usually an enhance from the average 2 pockets.The use unique white echoing technology for the piping and logos to ensure that you are clearly visible as you ride. Only one thing it is lacking in its ability to adjust to weather; you can’t take away the thermal lining which makes it really uncomfortable in hotter conditions but it’s undoubtedly a necessity buy for cold climates!

  • Multipurpose Tough Material
  • Removable Armor
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective piping and logos
  • Windproof
  • Adjustments
  • 4 external pockets
  • Limited breathability
  • Bit warm for hot weather

Tourmaster Overpants

If you are thinking of buying a high-quality model, then the Tourmaster Overpants should be ideal for you. Contrary to some of the previous models, this one features a great combination of 1680-denier knee panels and 600-denier carbolex.

With these pair of excellent components, it can shield you from any kind of injury that takes place during a crash. Apart from protecting against injuries, these components can also help you to enjoy a comfy wearing experience because they are very soft.

Additionally there is a waterproof barrier readily available, that makes it an excellent option for putting on in the rainy season. One more factor, which makes it an incredible choice for your consideration, is the double-stitch design. It makes it very sturdy and helps its durability by a mile.

To help you to use it much more easily, Tourmaster has also added a Dual-elastic panel waistband along with it. Additionally, there is a changeable waist belt provided with this Pant, that can help to fine-tune the fitting in an appropriate way.

  • 600-denier Carbolex shells
  • 1680-denier polyester knee panels
  • Durable and Comfortable.
  • 2 zippered hand pockets 
  • 2 waterproof thigh vents,
  • Phoslite reflective piping,
  • Size options available
  • Offers a snug fit for everyone.
  • Expensive. 
  • A little bit heavy and uncomfortable.

Motorcycle Overpants For Commuting Buying Guide

Keep in mind that, if you’re out in the market searching for a top quality motorcycle pant, you will definately get sick and tired of the numerous choices. And pretty much, all of them are tagged as best. But are they really?

However, to ensure you are getting the right motorcycle over pants, a few factors that you will need to consider .

We have listed all those factors down below, whether you’re purchasing a motorcycle pant offline or online, the following factors will help you significantly.


If you’re looking for some high-quality motorbike pants, then the very first thing that you simply need to look for is the fabric material. However, like everything, there are many choices available in this case. Therefore, you should know about their advantages and disadvantages prior to making your decision. A great deal of risks are usually connected with motorcycling, therefore the gear you put on must be sufficiently strong to resist even the in worst situations.

First of all, you will find denim and leather products, which are both stylish and sturdy. Therefore, in case you are considering buying high quality, then it works best for you to opt for them.

But, they can be fairly high-priced. Therefore, if you would like an inexpensive option, then you would must go for the fabric types.

Nevertheless, contrary to leather models, they’re not that sturdy. Therefore, they will start becoming worn once you have made use of them a couple of times.


If you are planning to going on a long ride then the pockets comes in quite handy. So, according to your requirements, you would need to purchase one which has a minimum of 2 or 3 pouches. You can keep your hand gloves or other important accessories such as wallets and handbags, keys, as well as cell phones inside them.

However, in case you are considering wearing it virtually every day, then make sure to go for a pant that has back pockets.


Similar to the typical pants, you would need to keep the size and fittings in your mind, as well, while you are buying the motorcycle overpants. If the one, that you have purchased, are too compact for you, then you could possibly experience a little bit uncomfortable while wearing them.

In contrast, if they are overly large, chances are they will not be able to shield you from rain or low-temperature problems. Therefore, while choosing one, it is best to go for a product that is a standard fit or a tiny bit loose than normal.

However, if you generally choose the European style, then you can also go for slim jeans.


Do you often ride your bike for a long time or perhaps in all-weather conditions? Then, you would need to pick a set of completely breathable models. They will allow you to keep your body temperature in an ideal condition. Therefore, even if you are riding your bike in a hotter area, you would continue to not sweat or feel distressing that soon. Keep in mind, simply using a motorcycle buttpad for your long rides is not enough, you must have breathable pants as well.

When discussing breathable clothes, a lot of people usually go for fine mesh and cotton options. But, if you would like your pair of pants to be much more breathable, then you can also go for the ones that have zippered pouches.


Do you really like riding in the rain or snow? Then the overpant you select must be water-resistant. You’ll find a couple of overpants labeled as water-resistant but they aren’t actually. So do not get in those traps. Opt for big brand names, they won’t do things like this. And if in any case, the pant doesn’t keep water out, it is possible to report and get reimbursement or change through their customer support.


Different from some of the other suggestions here, the zippers usually help you to increase the sturdiness and lifespan of it. Thus, when purchasing a set of leather-based motorcycle overpants, be sure you opt for the products that have metallic zippers.

They usually are a lot harder compared to normal zippers and are available with a weatherproof covering too. Therefore, they won’t rust down that soon, which, in turn, can increase the durability of the product by a considerable amount.