How To Connect Airpods To Peloton

In case you are new to the world of Peloton or AirPods, this can be a challenging task initially. In contrast to the connection between other Apple devices where you open the AirPods and so they significantly connect, using them with a non-Apple device is a bit more difficult, however I can show you how to connect your Airpods to Peloton Bike easily

how to connect airpods to peloton

Biking to music is a great idea because you get to enjoy both your favorite songs and your favorite sport at the same time. You can create an effective workout that is supported by music or choose songs that match the kind of workout you want. If you’re more of an indoors type of person, combining Peloton with Airpods allows you to be outside in nature while simultaneously enjoying your favorite music.

Airpods are fantastic for working out, especially if you have kids running around the house. If you’re stopped at a light or someone walks in front of you while you’re riding or running, AirPods will let you know. They also do a great job of staying put in my ears even with all the movement I do on my Peloton bike.

AirPods and Peloton, what a combination, I think the two go hand in hand. The favorite part about Peloton (besides the live classes and trainers) is that you can connect your AirPods to the bike and listen to any of your music stored on your iPhone or Apple Watch through your headphones.

In this post, I’ll be discussing several ways How To Connect Airpods To A Peloton Bike? Whether it makes working out more enjoyable and entertaining.

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How To Connect Airpods To A Peloton Bike – Easy Steps

Here are simple steps you need to follow to connect your AirPods to a Peloton bike.

1. Turn On Peloton Bike

Turn on your Peloton bike and wait for it to load up the home screen where you can choose classes, athletes, settings, etc. Keep in mind that to use AirPods with Peloton, you’ll need a Peloton Digital subscription.

2. Check for your Peloton app version.

To connect AirPods, you need to make sure that your peloton application is up-to-date on iOS/Apple devices. Even if you have an older Peloton bike, it might support connecting AirPods with its latest software updates.

3. Turn On Bluetooth On Your iPhone

Now turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone.

4. Pair Your AirPods With Peloton Bike

After that, open the peloton bike app and swipe down from the top to go to settings. From there you can tap on audio devices and click on your Peloton bike. Once done, select “Yes” for both of the options asking if you want your phone to connect and if you want your Peloton Bike to control the audio from your phone. You can always change these settings later on, so don’t worry about it for now.

4. Have your Peloton app paired on Apple Watch/iPad.

Now that you have checked for the latest peloton application on iOS update and that you own a Peloton bike with Auxiliary Jack, it’s time to connect the Apple Watch/iPad with your Peloton Cycle. Once done successfully; you will

6. Connect AirPods With Your Peloton Bike

Now open up the peloton app and choose a class. If everything is set up correctly, you’ll see “AirPods” as an option under the audio device to choose from. All you have to do is tap on that and select your AirPods and it will automatically start playing through your headphones. You can also choose the volume by swiping the screen on your watch.

7. Adjust Audio Settings

If you want to change any of these settings, you can do so through your phone’s Bluetooth settings menu right now under audio devices where you’ll see your Peloton Bike as an option along with other connected devices. This is where you can also rename your Peloton bike.

8. Play Your Music From Apple Watch

Now, if you don’t want to use your iPhone while riding, you can play your music from the Apple Watch. I know this may sound a little weird at first, but if you’ve been using AirPods for some time now you’ll know why it’s useful.

You can also play both of these devices at the same time since they are connected to different Bluetooth profiles.

9. Control The Music From Apple Watch

From the Peloton app on Apple Watch, swipe down from the top and go to settings. Turn Bluetooth on if it isn’t already and then press “Play Music from Phone”. That way when you’re riding, your phone won’t be out in the open which means that people around you won’t be able to see it and get distracted.

Then swipe up to go to the app’s main screen on Apple Watch and press play while you wait for your bike to load up. You can also skip songs, stop them or change the volume while riding by pressing on the watch face.

Can I Connect Other Headphones To The Peloton Bike?

Yes, you can connect several headphones like Samsung Level U Pro/ Icon X earphones, Beats EP/ Powerbeats 3 Wireless headphones, etc. with a peloton bike.

The Peloton Digital app is compatible with several wireless headphones; you’ll need to ensure that the Peloton application supports your headphones.

The steps are the same; Connect Apple Watch or iPhone with Peloton Bike and select your headphone as an audio device in the peloton app settings on phone. Then play music through iPhone/Apple watch. Or you can use Peloton Bike Speaker for better sound.

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Why Do My Airpods Keep Disconnecting from The Peloton Bike?

This frequently happens when you ride for a long time. It’s best to keep your workout under an hour or so if you have AirPods with you.

The Peloton bike uses Bluetooth 4.0 protocols, so it will disconnect from anything that is not ‘Bluetooth Smart Ready’ which means it needs to be able to connect directly with the Bluetooth chip without any other devices in between.

Your iPhone will always stay connected because it is not only the source of your music but also acts as a receiver for the head unit so you can view all information on your handlebars about your workout.

The Apple Watch works together with the iPhone to control music and have access to Peloton’s live classes since it is WiFi/ Bluetooth smart ready.

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How Can We Disconnect Airpods From Peloton Bike?

You can disconnect your AirPods from the Peloton bike just like you would with any other Bluetooth audio device. Just go into the control center and swipe up on the audio controls to let it play through the iPhone speaker instead. You can also do this by tapping on Speaker in your peloton app settings so that you won’t hear the music in Airpod headphones.

Can I Connect More Than One AirPods With My Peloton Bike?

No, you can’t connect two or more Apple air pods on the Peloton bike at a time. But you can switch between your different devices by double-tapping on either side of the AirPod. You can also use wired headphones to avoid interruption and if you don’t have an Apple watch.

Can I Use Peloton Bike Speakers with My Apple Watch?

It’s not possible to listen to your Peloton music on the bike’s built-in speakers. But, you can connect a Bluetooth speaker which is connected with Bluetooth of your apple watch or iPhone directly. In this way, you can connect multiple speakers to the Peloton app at a time by yourself.

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Can I Use My iPhone as a Bluetooth Speaker With Peloton Bike?

Sure you can. But the sound from your phone won’t be as good as an actual Bluetooth speaker. So, it’s best to use a separate one to get a better audio experience while riding.

Can I Control My Peloton App Using Apple Watch While Cycling?

Yes, you can control your app by use of the crown and side button on the apple watch. You can also stop/ restart classes and skip songs while cycling.

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Final Thoughts

You can do many workouts while riding on your Peloton bike using AirPods without having wires stretch under your feet.

Pelton is the best option for home exercise equipment. It not only helps to keep fit but also gives good health. It’s good to remember that AirPods can only be connected with one Peloton bike at a time, but you can switch between your phones or Apple Watch pretty seamlessly.

In short, following the above-mentioned steps will enable you to connect AirPods to a Peloton Bike.

Keep in mind to apply these instructions correctly, and you will experience a hassle-free connection as well as a peaceful workout.

If you still have doubts if your Peloton bike is equipped with an Aux In Jack, the chances are that it has one since all its models have been updated recently.