How to Hide a Treadmill in a Room?

How to Hide a Treadmill in a Room

Do you have a treadmill taking up space in your living room or bedroom? I know it’s hard to part with that valuable space, but there’s a way to hide it without sacrificing its functionality.

If you’re trying to find the ideas for hiding a treadmill, you’re in the right place. We’ll cover everything you need to know, including the best hiding spots, ways to hide them, and how to make sure it’s easy to get back to.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to properly hide a treadmill from view and still make sure it’s ready to go whenever you want to use it. To hide a treadmill in a room, you need to be creative. You can’t just put a treadmill inside a cabinet or closet; it must be hidden properly.

9 Ideas to Hide a Treadmill in a Room

1. By Using Curtains:

You can hide the treadmill by using curtains hang a curtain on the wall above the treadmill, which will make it difficult to see the treadmill at all. You can also buy a curtain that’s specifically designed to cover a treadmill.

There are different colors and styles of curtains; you can consider the roll-up curtains, which will allow you to show the treadmill when you want.

2. Build Wall:

If you have a treadmill in your living room, you can build a wall that goes across the entire width of the room. You can use plywood, particleboard, or wallboard to build the wall.

To create an impressive and decent look, you can paint the wall with colors compatible with your room decoration. This will also enhance the beauty of your room, and you will be able to hide your treadmill behind it.

3. Introduce Shelves:

Arranging a books shelf is one of the best ways to hide a treadmill because shelves vary in size so you can buy or create the bookshelf according to the size of your treadmill. Shelves can be created using old furniture. You can modify the old stuff and construct the shelf in the required size.

Select the empty corner of your room, place the treadmill and then hide it with the help of using a shelf. This will create an attractive look because books enhance the beauty of a room.

4. Covering with Storage Boxes:

There are various storage boxes designed to hide a treadmill, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You can use boxes made of wood, plastic, or metal, and these boxes will be very easy to use and look nice in your room.

You can also design these boxes at home by using old furniture. You have to measure the size of your treadmill and use high-quality material in constructing the box. Also, you can decorate these boxes in your way.

5. By Using a Picture Frames:

Picture frames are very eye-catching material that can be used to hide a treadmill. You can install your favorite memory in the frame and decorate the frame’s borders with flowers and colors, and then you can set your treadmill behind it.

6. Installing Glass in the Room:

You can install glass on the wall facing the treadmill so that you can see out into the room, but no one can see you running on the treadmill. This is the best way to make that part of your room feel like a gym.

7. Introduce Wooden Boards:

If you have a small room, wooden boards are the best way to hide your treadmill. Place the wooden board away but parallel to the entrance and hide your treadmill behind it. You can design these boards manually by painting them with different colors and decorating them using glitters, flowers, etc.

8. By Using Small Furniture:

You can also use small furniture to hide a treadmill in a room. You can use a piece of tall and wide furniture, but thin. A tall, thin cabinet is a good option because it will make the treadmill appear to be less noticeable.

9. Treadmill Cupboard:

If you’re looking for a place to store your treadmill and don’t want to keep it out in the open, a treadmill cupboard is a great option. You can use a free hall or basement as a treadmill cupboard. This option allows you to keep your treadmill out of sight but still accessible to you when you want to use it.

Is it OK to Place Treadmills in Garden Area?

It is possible to place the treadmill in the garden area as it provides you with sunlight and fresh air but make sure it is a quiet area because exercise requires complete concentration.
We prioritize room over garden because it offers noise-free and personal space to stay focused. Also, it will keep your treadmill safe from dust and rain, so the best thing you can do is place it inside your living room.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fitness freak and exercise daily, then the treadmill would be a part of your life, but you have to be smart about where you put them.

While there are plenty of options for hiding a treadmill, you can use any of these ideas mentioned above but make sure it relates to your room decor; otherwise, it will create a messy look.

We hope that this article has given you some tips and tricks to hide a treadmill in your room. If you’ve any questions regarding hiding the treadmill, you can contact us. We will help you with our best expertise and advice.

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