10 Best Treadmill For Bad Knees – Buying Guide From Experts

Are you looking to buy the best treadmill for bad knees? After all, it can be difficult to run if you hurt your knee because you’re constantly worried about injuring it again. Working out on a treadmill is an excellent option if you have bad knees or other foot, ankle, or knee pain problems. Many … Read more

Best Exercise Bike Under $500 – Complete Review & Buying Guide

Best Exercise Bike Under $500

If you are looking for the best exercise bikes under 500 dollars, then you are in the right place. Growing age is not a barrier to weight loss. Anyone can get rid of their extra fats using exercise bikes. There are some new trends in bikes which are easy to use and provide you with … Read more

Best Mountain Bike Seat For Big Guys – Review & Buying Guide

Best Mountain Bike Seat For Big Guys

Bike saddles or bike seats provide support for the rider throughout the ride. The saddle holds your back, hips, and buttocks in a manner that makes riding a comfortable experience. When you’re a big guy, finding a seat that’s comfortable for riding can be a challenge. Big guys tend to have big butts, which means … Read more

Best Bike Shorts for Peloton In 2021

Best Bike Shorts for Peloton

Peloton cycling workouts are intense sessions that may last up to an hour-long. Your body gets contorted into a variety of strenuous positions that you have never tried before. The Best Bike Shorts for Peloton will protect your skin from chafing as well as provide support to the muscles in your legs. Peloton riders are … Read more

What Muscles Does The Peloton Bike Work

What Muscles Does The Peloton Bike Work

The Peloton bike works your entire body, but you’ll feel it in your legs. Good form is key to ensure you’re activating the right muscles. Proper form also helps free up your upper body to focus on your high cadence pedaling, which is the key to burning calories and building muscle. By pedaling faster and … Read more

Best Cycling Headbands For Women & Men

10 Best Cycling Headbands For Women & Men

The Best Cycling Headband is a soft, stretchy piece of fabric that fits over the top and back of your head. It’s designed to protect you from cold and wind on winter rides and absorb sweat during summer rides. A well-fitting cycling headband is a key to maximizing comfort on all rides. Cycling headbands are … Read more

How To Install Netflix On Your Peloton

Install Netflix On Your Peloton

Do you want to know How To Install Netflix On Your Peloton? If Yes, you are in the right place. If you’ve got a Peloton bike, you probably love it. The workout is great, and seeing your miles add up on the screen is very rewarding. While there are only a few things that could … Read more

Do You Need Special Shoes for Peloton Biking?

Special Shoes for Peloton Biking

There are three different ways to cycle indoor on the Peloton bike. You can use toe cages, indoor cycling shoes, or biking shoes with SPD pedals. Each requirement is different and may affect your decision when purchasing a particular pair of shoes. If you are cycling for more than an hour, with your heart rate … Read more

Best Peloton Compatible Shoes For Women & Men

Best Peloton Compatible Shoes

Peloton is a trendy indoor cycling bike that allows you to ride virtual cycles with some of the best instructors on the planet via an attached tablet. Of course, you can join Peloton using peloton shoes, but there are some advantages to having the best Peloton compatible shoes. It is pretty tricky for some people … Read more

How Do I Fix a Clicking Noise on My Peloton Bike?

peloton pedal clicking

The Peloton bike gives you the utmost comfort while delivering the best performance. As exciting as your Peloton bike is, it can become quite a nuisance if it starts to make a clicking noise during or after the ride. The clicking noise can be creepy and sometimes very annoying. So you wonder how do you … Read more