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We are delighted to announce that The Bikers Ride has acquired Peak Performance Nyc,

The Bikers Ride website intends to help people looking to stay fit and healthy by providing information on a variety of Fitness topics like workout tips and exercise using bikes. Treadmills and ellipticals.

Over the last few years, the domain has also been a home for people looking for Fitness and workout tips.

The History Of Peak Performance NYC

Peak Performance opened in 2002 as a workout and Fitness Center in Ney Work. It was the most popular destination for workout and Gym lovers.

Named by Men’s Health Magazine as one of the top 10 gyms in all of America, Peak is situated in the heart of New York City and is well-known for its expert approach to inside-out fitness that helps you attain a stronger, more energized version of yourself.

The shortfall of physical activity not only shows up in our waistbands but also through our lifespans as well.

Peak was created with the sole mission to eliminate this popularized practice of inactive lifestyle among the masses.

With futuristic facilities and leading-edge equipment all along with highly qualified staff in all of NYC, Peak Performance Nyc is your ultimate go-to place for attaining that dream physique.

Peak offers a wide array of services and training packages –

  1. It is a three-phase training package. Custom-tailored by Joe Dowdell and nutritionist, Dr Mike Roussell. It’s specifically designed to achieve your personal goals in 45 sessions. With the PEAK 90 Program, you are only 90 days away from the best shape of your life.
  2. Peak also offers 1-on-1 consultation with top-tier nutritionists and has an introductory nutrition package that comes with a body composition analysis (via the In Body 500) plus a 4-week nutrition program based on your metabolic rate, unique goals and training schedule.

What Is New At TheBikersride

The Bikers ride is one of the leading online authorities on Fitness, Exercise Bikes, Workout, Indoor, and outdoor cycling gear. was created with the sole intent to provide clear-cut how-to answers related to fitness, workout, and mountain biking.

Through the wide array of fitness accessories, biking gear, and workout equipment like ellipticals, treadmills, reviewed via our blog, we are spearheading the much-needed fitness revolution of the 21st century.

Inspiration to take Action

We at TheBikersride believe that fitness in the modern era requires more Know-how rather than more machinery.

Our consistent efforts are driven by a sole mission to transform a healthier and efficient generation who are determined to attain their peak physique.

The good news is that more and more readers from the engaging community of Bikersride are now getting out of their comfort zone and doing the things it takes to achieve their physical goals.

Our Review Process – Customer Above All

Since the very beginning of Bikers Ride, we were able to maintain a very close relationship with an engaging audience who were committed to their fitness goals.

Therefore we realize that the information & product recommendations we share via our website have to be based on authentic sources.

We, on the other hand, go the extra mile and put in the extra effort to serve our audience.

All the fitness gears and related accessories reviewed via our blog are personally reviewed by trained professionals and undergo multiple rounds of quality assessments before being shared through our blog.

For us, satisfaction is merely a rating. It is selfless loyalty to the customer which takes us to greater heights of being a better brand – each day, every day!

Primary Products on Bikers Ride Blog

Exercise Bikes & Treadmills

From tech-stunned treadmills to much reliable exercise bikes for shared workout spaces or offroad adventure, we’ve got it all at Bikers ride.

We have reviewed the top exercise bikes for all budget levels in our blog. From the super high-end Peloton Bikes down to the budget-friendly options on Amazon, we covered all the different factors in our detailed review to align with the customer’s needs.

You can get in-depth articles related to exercise bikes with screens and also exercise bikes for back pain.

Peloton Smartwatches

Making a final choice on the smartwatch that assists you better in your peloton is difficult, specifically ever since the internet provides numerous choices.

However, we have determined the most effective-rated smartwatches for your exercise sessions. We have reviewed multiple competitors and have compared, analyzed, and brainstormed many times to come up with these stellar electronic items.

Biking Apparels

Cycling workouts are intense sessions that may last up to an hour-long. Your body gets contorted into a variety of strenuous positions that you have never tried before.

The Best Bike Shorts will protect your skin from chafing as well as provide support to the muscles in your legs. A good pair of cycling shorts will have a panel for each leg. There are some models out in the market which feature a one-piece design or a racing short.

Based on our extensive research and analysis, we have compiled a list of the best biking shorts for your smooth biking experience.

Bikes Accessories

We have reviewed multiple accessories to make your Peloton ride better. From cycling and Peloton shoes, Peloton toe cages clip-in pedals, a newer seat to staying cool, hydrated, and comfortable.

Don’t you need the best-in-class add-ons to perfect your Peloton experience?

To explore all those rare Peloton items, scroll up to the top of our website and enter “Peloton” on the search bar – there you can see myriads of review articles written about Peloton.
What’s in for the future?

With this acquisition, we at Bikersride have formulated much greater plans for Peakperformancenyc in terms of content quality, UI improvisation, and data authenticity.

Research quality will be taken to new levels through professional help for each and every piece of content shared through the website.

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User experience will be prioritized above all and requisite changes would be adapted to the site design and content pattern.

Users will now have regular insights about the latest updates in the fitness world.

Fitness gears that are verified by industry experts for all forms of physical activity will be shared through the Peak Performance Nyc blog.

Custom programs would be introduced to help each and every user in attaining their fitness milestones.

Even with all the extra add-ons, We still prioritize user feedback above all.

For this very reason, we would appreciate all forms of constructive feedback from the users of Peak Performance NYC.

We would be more than happy to adapt your requirements and blend the requisite changes to the modified version of Peak Performance NYC.

After all, customers’ perception is and always will be our reality.