Do You Need Special Shoes for Peloton Biking?

Special Shoes for Peloton Biking

There are three different ways to cycle indoor on the Peloton bike. You can use toe cages, indoor cycling shoes, or biking shoes with SPD pedals. Each requirement is different and may affect your decision when purchasing a particular pair of shoes.

If you are cycling for more than an hour, with your heart rate at around 120 beats per minute, you need special shoes. There is a way to meet this requirement with toe cages. If you are willing to go all out for Peloton biking with special shoes, then never use toe cages.

If you exercise on a regular basis, it is required that you invest in Peloton sneakers. This is because cycling on Peloton can sometimes cause injuries such as knee bruises. By using the special shoes designed for the Peloton bike, you will greatly reduce your chances of getting hurt during cycling.

If you want to get the full benefits of cycling on this bike, you will need to get special shoes. If you get shoes not included when you buy the Peloton spinning bike, they are explicitly made for Peloton biomechanics. This means that they have special adjustments in the sole that match the pedals.

Why Do You Need Cycling Shoes for Peloton – Possible Reasons

  1. The reason why you need special shoes for Peloton is the same as in a traditional biking class. These activities require that you get a maximal workout and experience high resistance. The only way to get this out of your spinning bike, without harming your body, is by using cycling shoes.
  1. The challenge with toe cages is that you have to have tight-fitting shoes since the pedal cage will be jammed between your big toe and the second toe. Standing on the pedals for an extended time is not ideal and creates significant discomfort and pain in your feet and ankles. While using special shoes, the issue is resolved.
  2. Using these shoes, the power goes directly from your legs and up, instead of absorbing the shock and sending it back down to your knees and ankles. This way, you will feel less pain and not injure yourself.
  3. Peloton shoes will help you maintain a correct posture so that you can experience all the health benefits cycling can give you. Also, they protect your toes from bumps such as those caused by cycling with toe cages.
  4. When you get the right fit, they will also allow you to use your brake without removing your shoes. The cleats are adjustable if you want to switch between riding styles.
  5. While cycling with toe cages may seem like an economical choice for indoor cycling shoes, it is never a good idea. This is because these cages do not provide any benefit and can damage your feet.
  6. Peloton cycling classes are not very long, making toe cages a good option for beginners. However, you should switch to special shoes if you are into longer workouts or try advanced classes.
    How to Not Get Shocked While Cycling on Peloton?
    The Peloton cycle uses electromagnetic resistance, which means that there is no mechanical friction. One of the most important things is that you don’t touch the metal parts when getting off or on your bike. This will be highly inconvenient if they are wet or sweaty, so you will need to wear shoes.

You should always wear socks because your feet are the only parts that touch the metal. Because of this, please use water-resistant cycling shoes, which are usually made of leather or synthetic materials. If you want to get full benefits from your Peloton bike, never set resistance levels above eight.

If you do, you risk a heart attack or stroke. Try to avoid cycling outside of your comfort zone in terms of speed and resistance. You can easily hurt yourself if you try to pedal too fast on a Peloton bike. It is better to have a snug fit in your shoes when exercising with this bike because it will prevent you from slipping.

How Can I Adjust the Resistance on Peloton Bike?

The resistance on this bike is controlled by two different parts: one that is located behind your back and controls your upward cycling, and the other that is located near pedals and controls your downward cycling. Because of this, you need to adjust the knob only when pedaling downward.

When pedaling upward, you have to control the resistance with your legs and pelvis. This feature is essential because it will save you from any potential injuries during exercises.

If you want to adjust the pedal resistance downwards, turn the knob clockwise. This way Peloton bike’s magnetic flywheel will provide more resistance when you are pushing your feet downwards.

If you want to make the resistance easier, turn the knob counterclockwise instead. You can also adjust pedal resistance upwards by moving the knob closer to you. Make sure that you don’t lean on it, though, because it could damage the Peloton bike’s mechanism for changing resistances.

Can You Ride A Peloton With Regular Shoes?

Yes, you can. However, it is not recommended unless you really know what you are doing. If you purchase the standard Peloton package, your bike will come with toe cages and cycle shoes. This means that they will serve as clip-in pedals for your indoor cycling shoes.

That way you can always switch between regular and special cycling shoes whenever you want to. However, most people prefer bringing their own shoes and this is absolutely understandable. Riding a Peloton with regular sneakers is not very different from using cages with special cycling shoes.

There are even certain street-style sneakers that you can use on the Peloton without any problems. The sole should be made of rubber though because some materials can damage its mechanism.

This is typical for those who want to use their Peloton bike as a regular exercise machine and not just for indoor cycling. But if you need a great riding experience, we recommend you to buy the special shoes.

How To Use Peloton Without Cycling Shoes?

If you don’t have cycling shoes, it’s not a big deal. By using regular sneakers, there is no danger of damaging your Peloton bike. Before riding a Peloton without cycling shoes, you need to know that pedal resistance will be harder, and pushing down on the pedals might feel unnatural at first.

In case you have too much resistance, adjusting the knob to a lower level will fix that issue. In case you don’t have any cycling shoes, you should avoid setting more than eight resistance levels. It is also ideal to wear non-slippery sneakers with non-slippery soles because pedals could be harder to push down.

Also, make sure to buckle your sneakers tightly. You can tighten them with special laces or even shoelaces if they are strong enough. We recommend you avoid using tied shoes because these might come loose during exercises, which could result in injuries.

What kind of shoes do you need for the Peloton bike?

You should keep in mind that the rubber soles of your shoes should be non-slippery. That is ideal because you will lose some stability, but it’s better than slipping and falling while pedaling hard. The Peloton bike has pedals no different from other exercise bikes, so regular cycling shoes or even sneakers with rubber soles would work.

Can you ride a Peloton with dress shoes?

No. The pedals are designed for cycling shoes to match the resistance mechanism of the bike. Do not try to use your dress shoes because you will damage the pedals.

If you don’t want to purchase special shoes, then socks with rubber soles would work instead. You can wear them along with your normal shoes if you want.

Can I use Peloton without cycling shoes?

A: Riding a bike should be done barefoot for maximum stability and control over the pedals. However, the pedals are designed for cycling shoes, so regular sneakers will make it harder to push down. You can use non-slippery regular shoes with the rubber sole though.

Final Words

Riding Peloton with special shoes is absolutely normal. However, it is important that you purchase the proper cycling shoes if you want to have a great riding experience. Using regular sneakers is not hard, but they might make resistance harder.

There are even certain street-style sneakers that can be used on the Peloton without any problems. In case you don’t have cycling shoes, then wearing special socks with rubber soles would be ideal.

If you have too much resistance, adjusting the knob to a lower level will fix that issue. If you don’t have any cycling shoes (and maybe even if you do), we recommend avoiding setting more than eight resistance levels at once.

It is also ideal to wear non-slippery sneakers with non-slippery soles because pedals could be harder to push down.

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